The design of Roche buildings and signage reflects the Roche brand by employing clear language and easy functionality with a modest elegance that will outlive current trends.


Architecture is an important part of Roche’s Corporate Identity. Roche buildings are messengers of our corporate culture and reflect the quality of our brand. The objective is to make our company tangible for employees, visitors, and the public at large.

Architectural design based on the tradition of the Bauhaus became part of Roche culture in the 1930s, when General Manager Emil Barell engaged architect Otto Salvisberg to design the headquarters building in Basel. Since then, Roche buildings at various sites have been consciously constructed to be identifiable by our similar, timeless, International Style-- one that stands for innovation, clarity, and elegance.

The following parameters are fundamental for the design of all Roche buildings:

  • Contextual integration within a site and relative to the surroundings
  • Easy functionality that is also elegant
  • Emphasis on sustainability
  • Spatial interior and exterior expression of the third dimension
  • Use of high-quality materials
  • Effective placement of lighting to enhance the quality of the workplace
  • Colour that reflects cleanliness, with discreet accents

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