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1. Logo

As a rule, the Roche logo is always Roche Blue on a white background. It is made of acrylic or metal with a minimum thickness of 15 mm.

Normally, the Roche logo is 300 mm high. It can be up to 500 mm high in very large rooms. The size of the Roche logo depends on local space conditions and on the maximum distance from which it must be legible.

With spacers of about 20 mm, the logo is attached to the wall at a height of 1800 mm from the floor.

2. Background

The spacious background surface is normally white.

If the existing background is not white, install a bright or semi-transparent white wall panel. Etched or sandblasted glass is ideal for this purpose.


If the existing background is dark and it is not possible to mount the logo on frosted glass (for example at rented locations), use the white Roche logo for dark backgrounds. In such cases, the logo is made of colourless aluminium.

Standard constellation: Blue Logo on white wall
Blue Logo on glass panel mounted over the dark background
Exception: Bright Logo on dark background if no bright background can/may be added


The Roche architectural language is characterised by restraint and the endorsement of elementary material statements. This underlying attitude is reflected by interior decorations as well.

Naturally grown and permanently available materials are the preferred choice for floral decorations. The unpretentiousness of the material is an invitation to exploit creative potentials. When using simple materials, appeal is added with styling and design interventions. Choose wood, iron, and pottery for plant containers rather than plastics. Your choice of cut flowers should be seasonal. Look for simple alternatives during the winter months. Avoid accents such as horseshoes, lucky charms or four-leaf clovers: they do not match the Roche style.


A reduction to material-intrinsic (untreated and undyed natural materials) and generally unspectacular colour compositions is advisable where spaces are already punctuated with prominent colours. Unobtrusive colours guide the observer’s perception to form and composition, to graphic quality, and to the message. Primeval substances such as tree bark or steel should be preferred because their expressiveness comes to the fore without additional colours. The focus on true essence conveys grace and dignity. Avoid dyed cut flowers and lacquered or sprayed leaves; they are not Roche-like.


Emphasis on superior quality paired with understated originality and unpretentiousness result in a clearly structured design vocabulary with aesthetic appeal (no kitsch!).


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