Any presentation you hold on behalf of Roche should not only clearly and intelligibly convey information, it should reflect our corporate identity.

Here are some basic principles to guide you during the creation of your Roche presentation:

Build on a Story

Use your presentation to tell a story about Roche - our purpose, our employees and/or our work to improve lives. Storytelling allows you to connect with your audience using emotion, not “just” facts. To do this start by, thinking about your audience. What are their needs, expectations, values or core beliefs? Write these down as a list. Now, make sure your Roche story relates to one of the items on your list. Doing this will enable you to make a connection with your audience on topics they directly care about.

Concise Text and Message

Every slide should have one clear message for your audience. Don’t overload your slide with lots of text and/or numbers; remember, you are not sending this to people who will read your datas- you have a live audience. Also, to have a strong engagement with your audience, do not read the text on your slides out loud.

Clear, Professional Design

Avoid “funny” caricatures, drawings, clip art and other graphic gimmicks. Elements that are supposed to “break the ice” generally distract from your message and look unprofessional. Humour can be a valuable and effective tool, as long as it is sophisticated and culturally appropriate for your audience and/or country. If you do decide to add some humourous elements to your presentation, it should be your humour and not “off the rack”.

Roche Presentations 08

Roche Presentations 08 is a custom PowerPoint application that makes it easy to build presentations with the correct Roche look. The use of Roche Presentations 08 is mandatory for all presentations held on behalf of Roche, both internal and external. To make it even simpler to use, a sample presentation is available for you in the e-Learning Tool, which you can adapt to your needs.

Welcome Pop-Up Message in Roche Presentations 08

Google Slides

While Google slides are a very convenient collaboration tool, they are not official documents. Instead, presentations must be delivered using the official Roche Powerpoint template, particularly if you are sharing slides externally or making a presentation to an external audience.

For internal meetings, you can use Google slides. You can find the Roche Google slide templates here. FYI: Arial replaces Imago and Times New Roman Italic replaces Minion Italic in Google slides.

For large internal meetings (e.g. Roche Town Halls and all external meetings), please use the official Roche Powerpoint template.

Roche Tools

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