Brochures are a very effective way to communicate medium- to long-term information that includes many background details. The content of brochures can be product-related, service-related, focus on corporate principles, etc. The content should also reflect our Brand Voice (our attributes and using a storytelling approach).

Laying out your brochure

The basic layout of a brochure is always the same. Idml templates are available to help you. Please observe the rules for cover pages, inside pages and outside back covers.

Paper Recommendation

Please use the following paper weights for your brochure:

4 to 8 pages: 250 gms (cover and content)
12 to 16 pages: Cover 250 gsm; content 170 gsm
16+ pages: Cover 250 gsm; content 150 gsm

Cover Page

Design Principles

Brochure covers can either follow the traditional Roche split between title zone (on white background) and image zone or adopt a full-bleed layout, where the photo extends to the edges of the page. Idml templates are available that feature both variations.

When full-bleed is adopted:

  • The logo is always placed at the top right with the ideal clear space surrounding it. The hexagon of the Roche logo is never filled when used on full-bleed images.
  • Suitable photos have to be selected to ensure legibility of the text. A subtle darkening gradient can be set behind the title if needed. Photos must follow the Roche picture language
  • Typography positioning and size must follow the grid-based guidelines detailed in the templates. The title is set in Imago bold, the subtitle in minion italic.

When split is adopted:

  • The split can be at Image-led split (7/18 of the grid is white, 11/18 is reserved for the image) or a text-led split (10/18 of the grid is white, 8/18 is reserved for the image) depending on the amount of text to be placed;
  • Typography positioning and size must follow the grid-based guidelines detailed in the templates. The title is set in imago bold, the subtitle in minion italic, with or without indent;
  • Photos must follow the Roche picture language and extend to the bottom and side edges of the cover.

Inside Pages


The text is aligned with the baseline grid and a flexible column configuration for brochures.

Idml templates make it easy to correctly arrange the elements. 


Pictures reflect and clarify the messages and stories in your brochure. Please be sure to follow the guidelines for Roche images.

Tables and Charts

Tables, charts, and infographics are directly aligned with the design grid and use of white space in the layout. This also allows them to be positioned between text blocks. Please note that all graphic elements should support your messages and not make them more complicated, so they need to be clear and comprehensible.

Outside Back Cover

  • In the case of full-bleed front cover, the back cover should be kept white.
  • In the case of a split front cover, the back cover should have a split as well using a plain color card. The colour can be derived from the picture or be one of the colours of the Roche palette.

Sender Information

The template for brochures includes a text field for the sender information. The following must be included in the sender information:

  • Publisher (legal company name)
  • Department
  • Postcode, City, Country
  • (Blank line)
  • Copyright symbol and year

In addition to the sender information, product communication media must contain this notice: “All trademarks mentioned herein are protected by law”.


Use semimatt- or matt-coated papers in white or bright white, but not ultrawhite. The paper should not exhibit any special aspects such as watermarks or textures.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo is not displayed on Roche publications that are printed on FSC paper – instead, the following note is added to the credits:

English: “Printed on FSC certified paper."

German: "Gedruckt auf FSC-zertifiziertem Papier."

Spanish: "Impreso en papel con certificación FSC."

French: "Imprimé sur du papier certifié par le FSC."

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