The flyer is used for ad-hoc communication, like distributing brief information on a topic or letting people know  about an upcoming event. As a two-page, small-format publication, it is a cost effective way to reach big groups of people.



You can produce flyers in DIN A4, DIN A5, or DIN A6/5, in the portrait or landscape formats.

Implementation with the Web2Print Tool

Roche staff members can produce flyers using the Web2Print Publishing Tool. In addition to detailed instruction, you can also find specific examples here. Please note that flyers in the A5 portrait format cannot be produced with this tool; they must be designed with the InDesign template.

Implementation for Professional Users

If you prefer an individualised design or if the standard solutions offered by the tool don’t adequately support your design objectives, you can create your flyer using one of the InDesign Templates.

Paper Recommendation:

Use 170 gm2 paper for your flyer.

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