Posters project the Roche brand and our messages in a glance. Therefore, when you design a poster, remember to use prominent pictures and strong statements.

Poster types and their uses

  1. Internal posters, for in-house information and events
  2. Scientific posters, for the presentation of scientific correlations
  • You can design internal posters using an horizontal split layout with white space or a full-bleed layout. 

    In the case of full bleed, choose the image carefully to ensure legibility. A darkening overlay can be placed behind the text.

    Position, font and size for the title have to follow the templates provided. Ensure that the logo zone is free of text. 

    Additional text is placed on a brightened portion of the image, whose height depends on the amount of text.

    Implementation with the Web2Publish Tool

    Roche employees can produce internal posters using the Web2Pubplish Tool. It also provides specific examples.

  • Several scientific posters have been jointly developed by a small team of researchers to address the specific needs of this user group.


    The content of our scientific posters is subdivided into six identical modules with a blue grid. The modules can accommodate separate content items or be merged.


    The basic format for scientific posters is DIN A3, in portrait or landscape.


    Templates for scientific posters are available as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files.

Roche Tools

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