About cobas®

As the creators of in vitro diagnostic solutions from Roche, we at cobas are stewards of a better tomorrow. With unique medical, pharmaceutical and scientific expertise, we deliver meaningful, medically relevant answers to improve people’s lives, and have been doing so since 1978.

We redefine the possible, and place patient and unmet medical needs center stage. We scrutinize our work, and back up our solutions with real clinical evidence. We understand testing efficiency, and create instruments and tests that transform innovative engineering, connected information technology, and world-class diagnostics into the labs of the future.

Our mission is to make diagnostics what it should be, a powerful connector between patient needs and effective healthcare.

cobas brand identity

Brand steering wheel

The brand steering wheel serves to ensure that the brand identity emerges at every touch point, be it products, service, marketing, communications, sales or customer support.

The synergy of these four quadrants achieves the desired brand image. Therefore, a consistent experience with target groups.


Visual language for marketing materials

The cobas brand represents Roche's offering of IVD solutions for healthcare professionals.

Consistent and memorable design make brands visible and recognizable. You support building the cobas brand by consistently applying the cobas design to all cobas marketing materials.

Existing cobas material and all imagery (product images, documentary images, renders) is available on the ACaDia Marketing Assets Portal.

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