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You’re here because you want to launch a new social media account or channel.
We’re here to help you do it right.

At Roche, we have corporate-run social media channels, at both the global and the affiliate levels. If your goal is to post your own content on those channels, you’ll find specific guidance and information about the processes here.

Creating any kind of new digital resource for Roche comes with some important responsibilities and processes. Before proceeding, be sure to learn about those in the Governance section.

Did you know that if you start a social media channel for Roche, you must register it in the Roche Digital Registry? It’s mandatory. Check out the Governance section for the basics, and visit Rochenet for more details.

The right choice?

The social media universe is expanding at a rapid pace. Establishing a presence in every channel, and keeping each one filled with quality content, is costly and time-consuming. Before moving into a new social media channel, consider all of the existing channels in your region - are you currently leveraging them to effectively reach your audience with useful, relevant information? What gaps - if any - would be filled by moving into a new channel?

It’s a commitment

If you determine that it’s worth the time and effort to establish a new channel, remember that you’ll need to commit to maintaining it - potentially for years to come. Creating a channel, amassing subscribers or followers, and then abandoning it is unfair to those who choose to participate. It can also create the perception that the company hasn’t fully committed to the account or its followers.

Before you begin, determine which type of account you’re creating

Your new account will fall into one of three branding categories, which will determine the branding and other aspects of the account. The three categories are:

  1. Roche Corporate
  2. Roche Family
  3. Other Brand
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Be aware of the guidelines for specific platforms

You’ll find more important information about global social media at Roche here (internal access only).

Roche currently operates global accounts on all the major social media platforms. So, it’s important to ensure that a new one is really needed. If you determine it is, then you’ll be expected to adhere closely to the look and tone of the existing corporate accounts.

While corporate social media accounts provide information and news, they have a more important job: telling our story. They proudly proclaim, “We are Roche,” and they demonstrate what that really means in every posting, and in the look and feel of the main channel page.

The importance of affiliates

In addition to the main corporate social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, affiliate accounts also represent us around the world. Each affiliate account is customised to meet specific needs. But they all should offer a shared experience that ensures people always know the account is part of Roche. Note that not all affiliates need their own social channels - often they can achieve their goals by working within the global channel. Talk to Group Communications before setting up a new corporate social channel.


FB corporate
YT corporate
Twitter corporate
roche canada
Standards for Roche corporate social media accounts
Element Standard
Colors Roche
Avatar Emulate corporate channel
Fonts N/A
Picture language Roche
Main image Roche new picture language
Owner of site and content Group Comms or Affiliates
Corporate content Yes
Links in bio or .xx home page
Measurement Native

These accounts serve a particular audience or fill a specific need that can’t be addressed or met by existing Roche corporate accounts. When working on these types of projects, you want to create an experience that’s similar, but not identical to the corporate experience.

A smooth transition

When a user who is familiar with a Roche corporate social media channel encounters another Roche channel, it’s important they not experience an abrupt change - whether in tone, logo, or any other element. That kind of transition can be disorienting, and create the perception that we’re not a unified organisation. To help ensure continuity, accounts for other Roche brands share many elements of the corporate accounts.

Variations on a theme

Of course, Roche-family channels do have specific audiences and requirements, which means you’ll need to customise certain aspects. The key is to make sure those customisations are an evolution of the Roche standards, and not a contradiction.

Standards for Roche Family social media accounts 
(Examples include local or language-specific channels)
Element Standard
Colors Roche

Roche logo with additional identifier to provide differentiation

Fonts N/A
Picture language Roche
Main image Roche new picture language as appropriate
Owner of site and content Business unit or division
Corporate content No
Links in bio or .xx home page
Measurement Native

Roche creates and supports many social media accounts that don’t feature the Roche brand.

Because it’s important that we are completely transparent about our involvement, the profiles or bios for these accounts must clearly state that Roche is involved.

Two of the most common types of channels in of this category are:

Product Brand Campaigns - because each campaign often has its own brand guidelines, these accounts shouldn’t feel like they’re part of the Roche corporate family.

Clinical Trial Channels - these often have their own branding, and can be co-branded with Roche or Genentech.

Other examples include a patient advocacy group, and a disease awareness campaign.

Standards for other brand social media accounts
(Examples include product-branded or disease-oriented channels)
Element Standard
Colors Adapt as needed

As appropriate

Fonts N/A
Picture language Any
Main image

As appropriate

Owner of channel and content Business unit or product brand
Corporate content No
Links in bio or .xx home page. Include transparency regarding Roche involvement, e.g. sponsorship
Measurement Native

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