Personnel Badges

Personnel badges are required to gain access to Roche company premises. In addition to a standard photo, each badge has an integrated data medium (chip) and/or a magnetic strip keyed with personal data.

Badges are basically the same for all employees regardless of work location, though some may need to be adapted to meet country-specific requirements. A status bar in red or blue is added to distinguish external or retired personnel from full-time employees.

Front side, full-time employee,
name on one line

Back side with data chip
and magnetic strip

1. Format

The standard size for personnel badges is 85.7 x 54 mm, although this may vary depending on the security and locking systems used.

2. Background

The front side of the card is always white.

3. Logo

The Logo is Roche Blue and 6.5 mm high. It is in the top right corner 6 mm from the edges.

4. Photo

The standard size for badge photo is 30 x 32 mm, but may vary depending on the security and locking systems. When taking a picture, please photograph the face from the front and make sure that the background of the photo contrasts with the white card. Fairly dark backgrounds are preferred.

5. Lettering

The badge must display the first and last name, personnel number, and location. Font size is 14 or 16pt.

6. Back Side

The colour of the back side of the badge may vary depending on the manufacturer and data medium. If possible, it should be white.

7. Data Chip and Magnetic Strip

Chips and/or magnetic strips belong on the back side of the card. The type and number of data media on the badge depends on what information is required at the local reception area.

Consult the Personnel Badge Design Specifications for details on designing and dimensioning badges.

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