Flags are used by Roche only on special occasions, such as state visits, during major events where they support the Roche Branding identity, or when directions are needed to guide  participants at a Roche event.

Sizes and Formats

The size of a flag depends on where it will be located. As a rule, Roche flags are designed as a portrait-format composed of square modules. This means that their side length ratios can be 1:2, 1:3, or 1:4. However, if a Roche flag needs to appear alongside a national flag, it can be designed using landscape or square formats.

For example, portrait-format flags made of three and four square modules, with a side length ratio of 3:2, will match the format of a national flag.


Each flag must display the Roche logo. Regardless of the format, the minimum distance to any adjacent side of the format must be half the logo height (0.5 x). The logo is centred on square and landscape formats, and aligned with the top in portrait formats.


Flags are imprinted on one side only. The logo is an integral element of the flag and therefore must not be sewn or embroidered on the flag.

Sequence of Flagging

The order Roche flags appear is the same as it is for a winners’ podium, with the highest “honour” spot in the middle. When only two flags are flown the higher ranking one is on the right. With three flags, the honour spot is in the middle, with the second highest ranking on the left and the third ranking on the right. With five flags, the three-flag rule applies, with the fourth ranking flag on the right, and the fifth the left.

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