Giveaways (gifts and promotional items) can be used internally and externally at personnel events, for promoting initiatives and projects, as thank-you gestures, or to support marketing.

Roche giveaways are more than “just” memorable visual elements, they communicate messages about who we are and what we stand for. As such, our giveaways should always represent Roche as a world leading, innovative healthcare company, as well as a company that cares about patients and sustainability (e.g., the environment, smart cost spending, etc.).


Imprintable giveaways are always branded with the Roche logo. When selecting a giveaway, make sure there is enough space for your message. When designing, arrange your text or wordmarks in a way that they doesn’t compete with the Roche brand. Do not place any text in the immediate vicinity of the Roche logo. It’s also best to choose the colour of the giveaway that will achieve the greatest possible contrast between the logo and the text.

Premium Giveaways

Where premium giveaways are involved (chocolates, fountain pens, etc.), the logo is not printed directly on the product. A ribbon or an enclosed greeting card is more aligned with the style of the Roche brand. Under no circumstances should replicas of premium brand items be distributed. As always, please observe the Roche Code of Conduct and your local rules when distributing gifts.


Before ordering, always check the technical and financial feasibility of your potential giveaway,especially when you are selecting a premium giveaway. If you have any doubts, choose a different supplier or a different product.

Please keep in mind that giveaways that visually promise more than they can deliver (such as metallic-looking plastic items or large packages with little content) will disappoint the recipient and thus are not aligned with Roche’s philosophy and brand. As a general rule, choose your giveaway with a consideration of the recipients’ values and beliefs. Bear in mind also that airline passengers are not allowed to carry many items on board (e.g., pocket knives), and that the packaging of food giveaways must indicate the content/ingredients and expiry dates.

To sum up, Roche giveaways must project the Roche brand and reputation. Choose a material and colour in-line with Roche branding, using high-quality items that are well-designed and well-crafted. Always select items that are sustainable (no throwaways), useful (no gimmicks), and, of course, not objectionable.

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