Invitations & Badges

The more beautiful and engaging the invitation, the more likely a guest will want to attend your event. Therefore, it is essential that your design not only follow our design guidelines including the Roche picture language), it should also be well-done.

Badges in two typeface versions (90 x 54 mm)

1. Logo

The Roche logo is always placed at the top right. The logo height is 6.5 mm, the clear space around the logo equals the logo height x 1 1/3. Badges must not display any product logos.

2. Lettering

Roche communicates black on white. Use either Imago or Minion as the typeface for badges. A combination of both faces is not advisable here.

Recommended Type Sizes and Leading:

With Minion: type size 15 pt, leading 25 pt

With Imago: type size 14 pt, leading 25 pt

Badges for events that take place in Basel can be ordered from the Reprozentrale.


If you are selecting pictures for your invitation, use pictures from the Roche Media Library only. Please avoid pictures of cities, congress centers, or town halls where the event will take place since these images do not strengthen the perception of Roche as the host of an event. Also, please note that for for product marketing, the design must use the strip or grid principle defined here [LINK]

Here is a handy checklist to help you create an invitation:

First, the tone of the invitation should reflect the Roche Brand Voice (our values, purpose, and attributes) while also matching the tone of the event itself in a way that is always respectful, empathetic, and authentic. In addition to including the title of the event, the date, the time, and the location, please let your guests know if the event has a special purpose, such as honoring someone or launching a new product or service. It is best to send your invitation at least two weeks before the event.

Information that should also be included:

  • The name of the person sponsoring the event (who is the host/hostess?)
  • Notes on the appropriate dress code
  • A request that the guest(s) respond by a specific date-- the“RSVP” (which is French for “Réponse s’il vous plaît” and means “please reply by”)
  • Directions or a simple map if the location is difficult to find
  • A contact name, email address, and phone number for any additional questions

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