Other events

In addition to trade fairs, there are also several other types of events. The Roche Brand principles and the design elements also apply to the design of all event categories.

Media Events

At Roche, media events include all media briefings and financial press conferences. When creating press materials for media events, please use our Roche Corporate Templates and make sure the distributed documents reflect the Roche style. You can find information and templates for press kits in the Business Stationery section here.

Sponsorship Events (Cultural or Scientific Events)

Usually, Roche is not the sole sponsor on an event, but acts as a co-sponsor with other brands. In these cases, please make sure that the Roche logo has adequate clear space and sufficient contrast to make it prominent. For events sponsored exclusively by Roche, the company name may be mentioned in the event designation, for instance as in ‘Roche Commissions’ or ‘Roche Continents’.

Internal Events

Internal information events, Town Halls, Lunch Talks, and the like, as well as internal curricula or multi-day workgroups involving teams from several locations, are subject to the same rules as external events. Do not create “event logos” and make sure to abide by the basic rules of our branding guidelines. However, if necessary, you may create a visual identity within the scope of our conventions.

Annual General Meeting (Shareholders’ Meeting)

The Annual General Meeting held in Basel for shareholders with voting rights is one of the most important events for Roche. This event provides a platform that lets us portray ourselves as a research-driven healthcare company. Please note that its Communication are governed by a strict protocol.

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