Expressing Roche as employer

In today’s competitive market for top talent, building a reputation as a credible employer and great place to work is a key factor to attract and retain the best people to join in our purpose of helping patients.

At Roche, we put focused thought and care into our employer brand strategy so that we do not miss out on talent as well as long-term growth.

It is important to consistantly adhere to the corporate brand guidelines in order to express Roche as a rewarding and fulfilling workplace in a powerful way at every touchpoint possible: both internally and externally.


The Roche Employer Brand builds on the Roche Corporate Brand, using the corporate picture language in combination with an overlay.

Whilst the overlays are universal across regions and countries, there is the possibility to adapt the underlying picture to local needs, always respecting the guidelines for corporate picture language.

To ensure consistency, overlays are always developed by, or in close collaboration with, Global Employer Branding. 

In the pictures, we feature our employees as protagonists. Use of stock photography is discouraged.



What is fixed?

  • Graphics style
  • Graphics colour
  • Copy style

What is flexible?

  • Graphics position
  • Overlay colour
  • Image selection

The employer branding is based on a combination of photos, copy text and graphical overlays. Photos are carefully shot or edited in consideration of the text and graphic overlay needs and consistently follow the Roche photographic language. Overlay graphics are the unifying factor between all the different Employer Branding expressions, and therefore developed by, or in close collaboration with, Global Employer Branding. Photos, graphics and copy text work together and are aligned in meaning and context.


Please also respect the established elements of the Roche brand guidelines including the use of our logo, corporate color palette, fonts (Minion and Imago), and the principles of our design layout which are mandatory.

Find the latest messaging framework here (only accessible internally).

You can find the first set of visuals on the Roche Media Library searching for the tag “Employer Branding”.


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