Expressing Roche as employer

In today’s competitive market for top talent, building a reputation as a credible employer and great place to work is a key factor to attract and retain the best people to join in our purpose of helping patients.

At Roche, we put focused thought and care into our employer brand strategy so that we do not miss out on talent as well as long-term growth.

It is important to consistantly adhere to the corporate brand guidelines in order to express Roche as a rewarding and fulfilling workplace in a powerful way at every touchpoint possible: both internally and externally.


In a nutshell


  • Employer Branding visuals show our employees and the work they do. Use of stock photography is discouraged.
  • All Employer Branding photos follow the Roche corporate picture language
  • Photos and tag lines can be localized, overlays are fixed as they are the linking element between geographies and countries. Therefore overlays are global, no local development.
  • Employer Branding is applied externally as well as internally on HR related activities


  • All messaging about Roche as THE place to work is based on the global EVP toolbox
  • Messaging can be localized in collaboration with Global

Global Talent Marketing collaborates with all affiliates around the world, guiding and supporting them in the localization of visuals and messages, to ensure that the affiliates are in the best possible position to attract the talent we need. If you have questions, please contact the Corporate Brand team.

The idea

To build on the strength of the Roche Corporate Brand and to have one strong voice, in 2019 we've decided to move the Corporate Brand and Employer Brand closer together. For the visuals this means that we are using photography taken following the guidelines of the Roche New Picture Language (NPL) style as a basis for the Employer Brand visual. To ensure distinction vs our competitors and also to enhance the message conveyed by the picture, we use an overlay with symbols related to the scene in the picture. Whilst the photography might change depending on local requirements, the overlay stays the same and ensures a visual link to the rest of the set, as well as across geographies.

Here (Roche internal use only) you can see an overview of the overlays and the visuals currently available. 

Global approach with possibility to localize


The Roche Employer Brand builds on the Roche corporate brand, using the corporate picture language in combination with an overlay.

Whilst the overlays are the same ones across regions and countries, there is the possibility to adapt the underlying picture to local needs, always respecting the guidelines for corporate picture language.

To ensure consistency, overlays are always developed by, or in close collaboration with, Global Talent Marketing.

In the pictures, we feature our employees as protagonists. Use of stock photography is discouraged.

Employer branding creative guidelines

The employer branding is based on a combination of photos, tag line and graphical overlays. Photos are carefully shot or edited in consideration of the text and graphic overlay needs and consistently follow the Roche photographic language. Overlay graphics are the unifying factor between all the different employer branding expressions, and therefore developed by, or in close collaboration with, Global Talent Marketing. Photos, graphics and copy text work together and are aligned in meaning and context.

You can either use an existing picture from the media library, or localize/develop a picture together with Global Talent Aquisition. There are 3 easy steps on how to localize:

Choosing a job is usually not a decision taken lightly, as it might involve a relatively long-term committment, a move to a different city or country, a significant change in the habits and routine of a family unit. For a company, and more specifically Talent Marketing, it means a higher responsibility as well: whatever we "sell" to the candidate has to be authentic, and to reflect the conditions the candidate will encounter when choosing the job. A mere marketing/PR angle will likely paint a very beautiful picture, but when the candiate joins the company and faces reality, it will lead to unhappiness on both sides. Therefore we developed a global toolbox with EVP clusters - what makes Roche special, and waht can a candidate expect when joining the company.

The Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

The Employer Brand is based on an informed decision: relevant Employer Value Proposition (EVP) attributes have been identified on the basis of a global study externally and with GEOS data, and confirmed and prioritized within a series of top management workshops. The final selection and clustering of attributes was based on two key criteria: credibility and differentiation.
The task of the Employer Brand is to communicate the selected attributes in a focused and consistent way, in order to evoke the intended perception. Each future and current employee has individual preference for EVP attributes. However, there are strong common tendencies, even though the study has revealed that the main driver of preferences is geography – not gender, function, level, or age. While in some countries, meaningful work may be the most important attribute for a majority, other regions may see development opportunities on top of the list. The modular system of the Roche Employer Brand is a global toolbox where the affiliates are able to build upon for their local EVPs.
For increased credibility, EVPs should be accompanied by points of proof which reinforce the message and give additional credibility.

Click here (Roche internal use only) for the latest version of the messaging framework.

Whilst the EVP clusters are designed to work across all functions and aim to convey the unique Roche culture and spirit, sometimes it might be necessary to become more specific in the messaging when talking to a more defined target audience. An example would be specific messaging for Research & Early development (pRED), on why scientific talent should choose Roche over other pharma competitors or a career in academia.

Please contact Global Talent Marketing directly, or alternatively the Corporate Brand team.

Best practice examples

Merchandising guidelines

Merchandising, or Give-aways, are a common tool to provide potential candidates we’ve been in contact with at some point with a more lasting reminder of their touchpoint with Roche.
In general, the existing Roche brand guideline for Give aways applies. For merchandising with Employer Branding, additionally please consider the points detailed in this document (Roche internal use only).

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