An envelope is more than just packaging. It creates a first impression before the recipient even reads what it contains.

At Roche, we want to make sure that the envelope makes a good first impression. That’s why Roche envelopes are also subject to design specifications, which will vary only slightly to meet local postal mail conventions.

The minimal design elements required for a Roche postal mail envelope is the Roche logo and a legible sender block. Plain envelopes are mailed with an Address Label displaying the blue Roche logo.

Pre-printed envelopes can be ordered via the ARIBA online system. If ARIBA is not or not yet live, place orders according to local procurement guidelines.

Product Logos

For product marketing purposes, product logos may be placed within a specifically defined space on letterheads and envelopes. Please note that this is not allowed on business cards.


Preferably, addresses are printed on your envelopes. If they must be handwritten, make sure they are legible and waterproof. Please also remember to abide by local postal mail conventions.


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