Roche Documents 08

All Roche employees must generate documents using Roche Documents 08. These Word templates are installed on all Roche computers.
Printing companies have access to a downloadable Repository of Business Stationery with design specifications and templates below.


Roche Documents 08 includes templates for letters, faxes, memos, minutes, cover sheets, blank pages with the Roche logo and address labels. The complete suite of these templates are installed on all Roche computers.

As you’ll see, every Roche document displays the Roche logo at the top right. The footer contains the company name, the division and/or department designations and the location. These documents may be printed on either pre-printed letterheads (with the logo) or on neutral paper, in which case make sure the logo is embedded in the Roche Documents template.

Forms (such as letterheads with a blue logo) can be ordered online via the ARIBA system. If ARIBA is not or not yet live, place orders according to local procurement guidelines.

For product marketing purposes, product logos may be placed within an specifically defined space on letterheads and envelopes. However, this is not allowed on business cards.

e-Learning Tool

Roche Documents 08 contains an e-Learning Tool with guidelines for Roche correspondence, as well as many useful tips and tricks about how to work with templates.

Here’s how to access the e-Learning Tool for Roche Documents 08:

  • In Word or Roche Documents, click on the “e-L” button in the Roche menu bar
  • On the Roche toolbar, click the “e-Learning” icon
  • In the Download Centre, only for external users (instructors, designers, sales)

Roche Tools

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