Design criteria

The Roche brand experience

Building the Roche brand experience is an ongoing effort. It is important that we are consistent in our communication and experience across all applications (e.g. print, digital and social, environments, and events).

Roche design aims to be best in class. We set design standards by adapting and applying best practices and modern thinking. The Roche brand design is:

  • Clean and simple (minimal and reduced elements)
  • Elegant and light (use open and white space)
  • Reduced and aligned to objective over aesthetics (meaning comes first)
  • Clear perspective (orthogonal grid, easily identifiable, focussed attention)

Our Brand is defined by how our audiences connect with us. With this in mind, our editorial perspective focuses on telling the stories of real people whose lives are improved by the work we do (although you don’t need a person in every image). When done well, our stories and picture language move people about the possibilities and wonders found in science, including the medicines that help to shape a healthy society.


As you are preparing to create your communication, follow along with the steps below:

  1. Begin with a brief. Include audience insights, your communication goal, timing and budget, and the connection to Roche priorities (e.g. Personalised Healthcare)
  2. Plan your visual imagery (still and/or moving) at the same time as your content strategy and channel mix
  3. Make sure that your visual assets follow the Brand Design Idea - Moving People
  4. Adhere to the best practices and guidelines of our core design elements for logo, colours, layout, imagery, and typography
  5. After your communication has launched, measure its success and list out several learnings for your future initiatives

Roche Tools

Media Library

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Download ready-to-go templates and documents for effective online and print design.


Useful facts "About Roche"

Find details about our purpose, focus, ambitions, history, contributions and more here: About Roche Gsite (internal access only)


Genentech Branding

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Diagnostics BrandBridge

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