Governing our digital channels

Creating and managing a digital channel? Here’s what you need to know. The digital world - from websites to social media to whatever might come next - helps shape how the larger world views Roche. Which means it’s important to take the time and make the effort to ensure our digital presence always reflects well on the company.

Here, you’ll find an overview of the responsibilities that come with creating or managing a digital channel for Roche. Complete information, with links to training and tools, is on Rochenet. Employees should review and adhere to these rules.

It’s also important to be aware of and follow any local rules or regulations or laws. If a local rule differs from something you see here and you’re unsure about which to follow, it’s best to go with the stricter option.

Before you begin a project, ask yourself: Is it really needed?

We’ve recently experienced an explosion in the number of digital channels associated with the company. In fact, there are now over two thousand. Each channel requires resources to ensure it is on strategy, in compliance, and up to date. Current best practice is to maintain a smaller number of carefully managed channels.

So, before you begin a project, step back and think for a moment. Is there an existing channel that does some - if not all - of what you want to do with the new channel? Could you partner with another region or business area to reach your goal? And do you have the resources to create, maintain, update, and eventually retire the new channel in a responsible way?

Tip: You can search all existing Roche-owned external digital websites, apps and social media channels via the Digital Registry (internal).

Looking for guidance about using your own personal social media? You’ll find that here (internal).

Let’s start with the basics.

How do we define an “external digital channel?”

Simply put, an external digital channel is a website, an app, a social media account, or any other digital source of information that the general public can access.

Who’s in charge?

To help bring our digital world under control, the Corporate Executive Committee (CEC) created three important resources (internal links):

  1. The Roche Directive on Digital Activities, which is endorsed by the CEC and provides a basis for governing external digital at Roche.
  2. The Digital Governance Network, a cross-functional group that enacts guidance based on the Directive and cascades governance to each function.
  3. The Digital Registry tool, which provides an overview of all external digital activities, including the owners of each channel.

The Responsible: The Channel Owner.

Every external digital channel must have a single employee who is responsible for all aspects of the channel - we call this role the Channel Owner.

Who else has responsibilities for the channel?

An outside agency partner, or other third-party provider, who works on a Roche external channel assumes the same responsibilities as the primary Channel Owner. Those responsibilities must be specified in their contract. It’s the Channel Owner’s responsibility to ensure that the outside partner completes all required training, and is familiar with their responsibilities.

A Channel Deputy can be assigned specific responsibilities, such as maintaining compliance, or may be called upon only when the primary Channel Owner is unavailable. 

A Content Contributor is in charge of creating or managing content for a channel. A Content Contributor is usually responsible for developing, collecting, and/or coordinating approvals for content.

What are the responsibilities of a Channel Owner?

The Channel Owner oversees the initial development and the day-to-day operations of the channel. They’re responsible for ensuring a channel is in full compliance with all company, industry, and legal requirements and regulations. That responsibility begins with the development of the channel, and continues - on a daily basis - for as long as the channel exists.

You’ll find a comprehensive explanation of the Channel Owner’s obligations in the Roche Directive (internal) on Digital Activities. But these five steps provide the basics:

Step 1: Complete the required training.
Step 2: Register your new external digital channel in the Roche Digital Registry.
Step 3: Create approved content and maintain records.
Step 4: Monitor and maintain your channel.
Step 5: Report any issues promptly.

This is an overview to get you started. Full information as well as links to the Digital Registry and related eLearning can be found here on Rochenet.

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