Brand trainings

This section provides you with helpful training material on the Roche brand. Get inspired and become a brand ambassador.

An interactive short training to find out about the importance of the Roche brand.  Over the next 15 minutes, you're going to find out why the brand matters, what it's all about and how it can help you!  Did you become curious? Access the e-learning via Cornerstone here

Agencies: please access the training via this link.


A standard slide deck explaining the fundamentals of the Roche brand.

It is primarily intended for onboarding new colleagues, but can certainly be used at other occasions. We have included some speaker notes and you are welcome to add your personal notes. We will keep you posted about any updates to this presentation. Access the slide deck  here (only accessible internally).

Agencies: Please request the slide deck via email

Please reach out to us via email to  in case of any questions. We are here  to help.

Roche Tools

Media Library

Discover a wide range of images and videos about Roche and its products.



Download ready-to-go templates and documents for effective online and print design.


Messaging Warehouse

Receive approved, guidance, messages and materials about Roche's key topics (accessible on the intranet only).


Genentech Branding

Download brand guidelines, templates and discover the photo gallery.


Diagnostics BrandBridge

Access the cross-BA Diagnostics marketing resource management solution for digital content management.