Our brand architecture

How the pieces fit together

Our brand architecture is the verbal and visual expression of how our products and services are branded, and how they relate to each other or are differentiated within the Roche Group.

The goal of our brand architecture is to maximise the value of our company and our offerings in a competitive market environment. Remember that the more varied our interactions are with stakeholders and customers, the more important our consistent brand architecture becomes.

  • Employing our unified brand architecture allows us to:
  • provide a quick orientation and identity for our customers, stakeholders, and other employees
  • continue to build trust and engagement through positive experiences associated with Roche
  • control the cost of maintaining, developing, and refreshing brands
  • offer the option of repurposing content and visual collateral across touchpoints using the same brand
  • leverage the existing reputation and trust in the Roche brand

Our brand architecture is a strategic business tool that defines how the Roche brand relates to and supports the overall company and/or product brands. It is steeped in the legacy of our history and our internal identity and culture.

Living our brand strategy

At a practical level, knowledge of our brand architecture supports our brand management, marketers, and communicators in deciding how to allocate resources.

The Roche brand architecture is supervised by brand and reputation management and is owned by the Roche Corporate Executive Committee. To make sure we all keep everything aligned, only the Corporate Executive Committee can make changes to our brand architecture.

Two houses merge to make a hybrid

There are two main types of brand architecture:

  • A ‘branded house’ approach, which focuses on building the reputation and equity for the company Brand at all levels of stakeholder interaction
  • A ‘house of brands’ approach, which focuses on creating separate, strong product brand and investing in each separately.

Roche follows a “hybrid” brand architecture model. Commercially, Diagnostics is moving towards a “branded house”, emphasizing a strong Roche-led value proposition. In Pharmaceuticals, however, the commercial brand architecture is a “house of brands” that emphasises strong individual product value propositions, with the company value proposition as a supporting feature.

Breaking it down

At its highest level, the Roche brand architecture is relatively simple: Roche is the only company brand. Small and mid-sized companies that have been acquired by Roche are fully integrated into Roche, and hence into the Roche brand architecture.

At the product level, Roche maintains product and platform brands with their own specific identities. However, marketing materials will also contain certain Roche design elements (like the Roche strip or the Roche grid).

Since teams, franchises, projects, initiatives, or departments are not brands, they do not use a logo (even for internal use). For strategic reasons, there are two exceptions in the Roche Brand architecture: Genentech and Chugai. The Pharmaceuticals Commercial Operations in the United States and the Genentech Early Research and Development division use the Brand Genentech, a Member of the Roche Group. In Japan, Roche pharmaceutical products are marketed through Chugai, a Member of the Roche Group.

In most other cases, we don’t use “Co-Branding” (e.g. the Roche logo and the Genentech logo on the same communication) because as it would create confusion. Exceptions require review and approval from the Corporate Brand Management at Roche or Genentech.

Further details on the Roche Brand Architecture principles please find here:

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