Our brand positioning

How we are different

Our brand positioning statement explains the value of our overall business to our audiences in a precise, concise way. It is important because it differentiates Roche in today’s crowded marketplace, while showing people how valuable we are to patients and society as a whole. It is a key pillar of our brand.

All of our stories and messaging from our elevator pitch, to presentations, to the headlines on our website need to be guided by our brand positioning statement. As with all components and elements of our Roche brand, it cannot be altered.

This is our corporate brand positioning statement:

Roche is the leader in personalised healthcare. We provide breakthrough medicines and diagnostic tests using expertise in science, technology and data so that people can live better lives.

Rules for use

Our brand positioning statement, which is owned by Group Communications, builds the framework that connects our stakeholders and other audiences with our business priorities every time we interact. It is the also a great way to introduce Roche while bridging to specific topics, such as the benefits of Roche, our products, and/or our services.

When creating messages for stakeholders, start by investigating their needs and interests, especially if you have business priority topics that you need to better understand. After you have gathered the information you need, determine the topic priorities that are to be addressed in your stakeholder-specific communication.

Follow our brand narrative, our brand attributes, our positioning elements, and our Roche design guidelines when crafting the communications to address these top priorities. Because it is important to continually and consciously support and strengthen the Roche brand, always rely on the brand positioning statement as a guide or use in its entirety.

These are the key company themes driven by our brand positioning statement:

  • personalised healthcare
  • excellence in science
  • culture of collaboration
  • sustainable value for all

Personalised healthcare, access, and sustainability are key

At a group level personalised healthcare (PHC), sustainability, and assuring patient access to medicines are our three corporate differentiators. Therefore, we focus on these topics from a group editorial perspective.

  • Personalised healthcare. Since personalised healthcare (PHC) is our great differentiator and absolutely key to our overall, long-term business objectives and positioning, it makes sense that this topic area is prioritised within our Brand and storytelling strategy. Ever since it's founding, Roche has been working to develop cutting-edge science into solutions that save and improve lives around the world. By developing companion diagnostics and targeted treatments Roche has also been the pioneer in PHC for more than a decade. Today Roche provides a unique constellation of strengths. This includes having Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics under one roof, a strong track record of excellence in medicine and biology, a leading portfolio of therapies, as well as a reputation as a trusted pioneer, strong partnerships and a broad footprint in healthcare. Digitalisation in the healthcare system will greatly accelerate and enhance our ability to understand a patients unique disease and individualise treatment to meet their needs. Roche is building on its traditional strengths from third paragraph strengths to add capabilities and partnerships that allow us to learn from real-world patient experiences and data, speed up medical research, provide better advice to physicians and patients, and develop new ways of assessing value in healthcare.

    Read more on roche.com.
    For our visual assets, please see here.
  • Sustainability. At Roche, we always strive to operate in conscientious and sustainable ways.
  • Access. We must continue to tell the stories that connect our audience to the ways we work to make our medicines available to people in need.

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