Our brand strategy

Our brand strategy is how we intend to bring our brand to life. Since a well-defined and consistently supported strategy is key for building trust and maintaining our reputation, it is essential that we express our authentic, unified brand in everything we do at Roche.

Our brand strategy aims to emphasize the elements that make our company unique across geographies, divisions, and functions.

When we use Roche Brand Centre guidance, tools, and materials, we all win. It saves time and resources while strengthening the Roche brand. Staying consistently on-brand increases our impact and contributes to our reputation both globally and in your local market.

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Roche Tools

Media Library

Discover a wide range of images and videos about Roche and its products.



Download ready-to-go templates and documents for effective online and print design.


Useful facts "About Roche"

Find details about our purpose, focus, ambitions, history, contributions and more here: About Roche Gsite (internal access only)


Genentech Branding

Download brand guidelines, templates and discover the photo gallery.


Diagnostics BrandBridge

Access the cross-BA Diagnostics marketing resource management solution for digital content management.