Our co-branding guidance

What is co-branding?

Co-branding is the combining of at least two distinct Brands in order to strengthen the equity of both of them. This kind of hybrid Branding is only acceptable in a few cases. The wrong application can cause large investments without return on brand equity, cause confusion and convey wrong messages.

When should I co-brand?

Whenever possible, we identify only one Brand to avoid confusion and eliminate inconsistency in communications to our audiences. Yet, in some cases Co-Branding may be required which leads to the use of two and more Brands with reasonable visual separation.

Why should I follow these rules?

  • To ensure that your objectives for growing brand awareness are met most efficiently
  • To ensure consistency across all communications
  • To clarify the relationship between the brands and protect their reputation

When to use co-branding and when not?

If a product/service/solution is developed or marketed jointly with a third-party partner.

How to apply co-branding:

  • Determine a lead Brand. If Roche is the project driver, the Roche brand is the lead brand. If the third-party partner is the project driver, they are the lead brand.
  • Use the lead brand’s corporate design, entirely. Do not create a hybrid solution by combining elements from both brands.
  • Position the partner logo with sufficient clear space. If Roche is the lead brand, position the partner logo in the top left corner of the collateral, on the same height as the Roche logo.

Roche and Genentech: which logo should you use?

  • Global-focused activity, communications addressing global organizational units (e.g., Product Development, Pharma Global Technical Operations, Global Product Strategy) – Roche
  • Pharma operations in the US market, local Genentech site communications in the US – Genentech

Congresses: co-branding with both Roche and Genentech

You should only co-brand with both Genentech and Roche if:

  • The audience consists equally of both U.S. and ex U.S. attendees

Use only the Roche brand if:

  • The majority of funding is through Roche
  • The conference is being held outside of the U.S.
  • The primary audience consists of attendees from outside the U.S.
  • The materials primarily represent Roche

Use the Genentech brand if:

  • The majority of funding is through Genentech
  • The conference is being held in the U.S.
  • U.S. attendees are your primary audience
  • The materials primarily represent Genentech

How do I co-brand?

First you will need to determine a lead brand. Below are the criteria:

  • Which cost center provides the majority of funding
  • The majority of your audience will be U.S. or ex U.S.
  • The location is in the U.S. or ex U.S.

Second you need to follow certain Do’s and Don’ts

Do's Don'ts
  • Use our image gallery to create all collateral
  • Use the approved Roche and Genentech logo lockup (placement should be on the top right corner of websites, posters, presentations, etc...)
  • Use the lead Brand's font on all materials
  • Use our colour palette on all collateral
  • Don't use Co-Branding unless your objectives require a dual brand presence.
  • Don't use or create Co-Branded materials without approval from both corporate Brand teams
  • Don't forget to submit your final designs

Third, for approvals, please contact the Corporate Brand team or brand@gene.com.

For Brand approvals, please allow enough time. The total process can take a maximum of two weeks. Depending on what changes need to be implemented, additional time may or may not be needed. Please allow time for review before getting started.

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