Our no-logo-policy

Why this is so important

To protect our reputation and corporate image, it is important to protect our name and logo from misuse. This means, that we need a stringent approach on how we allow the Roche name and logo to be used. Also, we need to ensure that we are not diluting our logo by the use of internal logos and in cases where we collaborate with third-party partners, we need to comply to explicit guidance.

Principle design guidelines on logo use please find here.

What if I want to design a new logo?

Roche follows a strict no-logo-policy and uses logos only for the corporate brand as well as Pharma product brands. Other logos (such as team, franchise, project, or department logos) are not allowed, even for internal use. Such "para brands" would dilute the brand structure unnecessarily and vie for attention and resources in competition with our actual products. What we use for visual identification instead of a logo is a wordmark.

When we support the design of a new logo

Follow the decision tree to find your answer:


Product Brands

With the “House of Brands” strategy for our Pharma business, new Pharma Product logos are created by the relevant Life Cycle Team. A review by us after the concept phase is highly recommended. With the “Branded House” approach of our Diagnostics business, new Diagnostics products use Wordmarks rather than logos to allow the beneficial relation to the strong Roche Brand. In rare cases, based on historic developments, there are logos still in use (e.g. Cobas Brand). Further details on Brand architecture guidance please find here.


A catchy name or acronym can have its appeal. Then again, your audience might appreciate "having it spelled out". In many instances, having the name or acronym in larger font size, with the full name in smaller font size below, has proved effective. The wordmark does NOT replace the Roche logo. Always use the wordmark within the regular framework of the Roche Brand and Logo.



If you strongly feel that a graphic element would support your communication, please only use them as watermarks in the designated areas of the Roche design grid. Do not combine the watermark and the wordmark to form a single unit. Use a distinctive picture from the Roche MediaLibrary as your key visual instead.

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