Publishing strategy

We tell stories that inspire and educate people about the possibilities and wonders found in science and medicine that help to shape a healthy society.

Under this shared vision, our publishing strategy unites us in our storytelling efforts so that we are telling a consistent and differentiated brand story across all of the Roche Group Communications channels, including Roche.com, myRoche, and all social media company accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

This is our editorial mission:

We are Roche. We are committed to improving lives and celebrating life, doing so demands more than science alone. It demands bravery. It demands trust. And it unfolds in the sharing of ideas, aspirations, and breakthroughs large or small. The stories we tell are the vital connection between what we do, who we serve, and how we evolve - as people, as patients, as a planet. 

Making the global personal

Our storytelling should deliver our Purpose, be true to our Brand, and reflect our distinct positioning. Whenever possible, we want to communicate as One Roche — a great, global company with two very strong divisions in Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals that offer an amazing focus on discovery through our Research functions.

We often write our stories using the Hero’s Journey. By focusing on the “hero” in the story, our audiences relate with the character in the story more than Roche directly, thus humanizing the experience.

Further information is available on the intranet

Here are some best practice examples of broad, human interest storytelling:

A pathway to hope

Science and the city: Basel

The realities of pursuing the cure for cancer

The integrated, connected laboratories: a new era in lab testing

The realities of pursuing the cure for cancer

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