Our Narrative

What you hear

Storytelling is a powerful way to engage with our audiences. When we tell stories we take people on a journey that connects them not only to the story itself, but to who we are at Roche. They are also an opportunity for us to differentiate ourselves from other companies, foster trust, and build our reputation.

At Roche, our stories are:

  • Purposeful. Our stories have a point of view and are easily understood.
  • Authentic. They put people first and avoid corporate language.
  • Emotional. While some of our stories delight and surprise the reader, others are brave enough to take on difficult topics.
  • Worldly. Stories that aren’t directly about Roche, but which shed light on important policy and science related to our positioning, are also stories that need to be told. We always make sure our stories are sensitive to any societal context.
  • Intelligent and intelligible. Although we keep the language conversational, we should consciously merge data and story to support our audiences connecting both emotionally and intellectually.

We aim to inspire and educate people

The stories we tell are about real people. They also represent our history and our Brand Narrative, and focus on what our audiences care about.

Our story: Our Roche Brand Narrative

The following is our Roche Brand Narrative, which takes us from Fritz Hoffmann’s dream of improving lives, through the challenges of realizing that dream, to Roche’s success and the goal for our future:

Transcript for download

Rules for use

While you can tell the Roche story with different words (or with local or global proof points), the narrative structure and message should remain the same.

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