The most iconic expression of our brand

The Roche logo consists of the Roche signature and the hexagon. It has served as our symbol for nearly five decades and is the primary element that showcases the brand in a easily identifiable way.

The hexagon, logotype and colour form an integral whole, which may not be separated, modified or have further components added. Any alterations to the logo are detrimental to the Roche brand. These guidelines also help to ensure that the Roche logo can be legally protected as a trademark and company identifier. The logo source files can be downloaded here.


Positioning at top right

As a rule, the logo is positioned at the top right of the design layout. This does not apply to some media and you should observe the design guidelines relative to the template and channel that you are using for your communication.

Give the Roche logo clear space on all the marketing and communications. The ideal space around the logo is 1:⅓x where the value of x is determined by the height of the logo. The minimum clear space is 1x. The clear space around the logo must be kept free of other copy, charts or any other graphic elements.

Where space constraints would result in a logo that is too small, for example in digital applications, the clear space can be reduced to ½ x. The imprintable space on giveaways may constitute exceptions and questions around these special cases can be addressed via

  • Ideal clear space

  • Minimum clear space

  • Mimimum clear space

  • The standard blue (PMS 300) version of the Roche logo should be used as the first choice when possible. In certain circumstances, the black or white Roche logo can be used. In all three variations, the background of the hexagon is transparent.

  • The logo can appear white for use on dark backgrounds. The background on which the Roche logo is applied may contain imagery elements (photographic or illustration) as long as the logo stands out clearly.

  • The logo can appear black on light and colorful backgrounds or for black and white applications.


A catchy name or acronym can have its appeal. Then again, your audience might appreciate "having it spelled out". In many instances, having the name or acronym in larger font size, with the full name in smaller font size below, has proved effective.

Do not combine the watermark and the wordmark to form a single unit. Use a distinctive picture from the Roche MediaLibrary as your key visual. The wordmark does not replace the Roche logo. Always use the wordmark within the regular framework of the Roche brand and logo.

Use the logo source files and observe the size information in the respective design guideline sections for special applications. If you require a unique size, you should scale up or down only from the source vector artwork.

Standard logo sizes for print media  

Standard logo sizes for digital media  





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